Friday, July 11, 2014


One of the Great things about living in the Sierra is you don't have to go anywhere for fun. Sometimes we only travel a few miles in Tranquila to enjoy peace, serenity, and good times.
Kids Fishing Derby
Every spring they drain the pond for a couple of months to clean it out, and then in May it fills with fresh icy cold snow run off and then its stocked with trout. The first of June is the annual kids Fishing Derby. It's a blast to watch kids from 2 to 16 come and fish. Mom and Dad and the Grandparents all gather around and help out.
Dad helping out, boys are less than enthusiastic.
Maybe next year's derby.
The sister and brother team did well.
Enough of the stay cation, time to hit the road.

Darrell's daughter came up for nearly a month to visit us and to explore our valley with its many lakes and many streams. We had a good time hiking, kayaking, and fishing.
 Hana stopped to feed the horses.
Spark flies up the trail to a lake.
After a little hike D jumped in the the lake for a cool swim.
A very convenient BIG Chair…reminds me of the old Lily Tomlin skit.
Best Buddies.
Spark and I love our local lakes, 
but we are getting itchy feet for a trip to the coast.

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