Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A SLICE OF HEAVEN - Independence Lake

 Independence Lake, near Jackson Meadows.
Lots of possibilities for dinner.
So, bring your poles.
We stay at East Meadows Campground right on the lake at Jackson Meadows, 17 miles off Highway 89. It's also 20 minutes from Truckee, with offers lots of fun too. We get the same site on the lake with a beautiful view every time we go, but this year the walk to the lake is further because the lake level is WAY down. One reason the level is down, other than California's drought, is that water from the lake is let out to go to Milton Pond to help preserve a specific type of trout. Sorry, I do not know which trout. Vanishing glaciers in California have severe consequences for our trout population. Milton Pond is filled with fly fisherman and lots of ducks and birds. We always go for a kayak ride here, it is peaceful, serene, still, and filled with aquatic wildlife.
Serenity at Milton Pond.

Monday, July 14, 2014


Water's great! This camp site comes with its own pool!

Perched on the Truckee River with a good swimming hole, we had black beans with steak tacos for dinner, and a Jesse Stone DVD before falling asleep.  All's Tranquil in Tranqulia. At 9 this morning we are drinking our coffee, charging computers and cell phones, and listening to birds being drowned out by buzzing gensets. No Genset here. Why? 

Our solar panels were factory installed when we order Tranquila.

After two years of using solar to power our batteries on Tranquila, we have become firm believers in solar panels - on our sailboat, our Airstream, and installation on our home is pending. In fact, we are such advocates, Darrell, has started a solar and wind power company. Erickson Energy Management is based out of the Northern Sierra. He is also in partnership with E-Marine located in Florida to provide RV and Marine solar and wind systems.
Tucked into our annual primo spot on the Truckee River.
A bit closer look at our shameless advertising.

Renewable Energy Products for Campers,
RV's, Boats, & Residential,

It's not all work and no play.
Darrell and Spark take a break to watch the river run.

Friday, July 11, 2014


It was time we got out of dodge. We have been missing the cool coastal air. So, Darrell, his daughter Hana, Spark, and I headed down Highway 80 to Morro Bay, onto to Flying Flags just north of Santa Barbara, and eventually to San Diego to visit El Tiburon (our sailboat).
Hana, hits the road with us.
We stopped and enjoyed a bit of a reunion with my family in Danville. We managed to do a pretty good job of glamping in my nieces front yard, and her neighbors seemed to tolerate Tranquila's presence in their hood. Next stop, one of our favorite spots to camp, Morro Bay State Park.
Our next stop was Flying Flags RV Resort at Buellton, just a few miles north of Santa Barbara. We were here last year, its a convenient stopping point when traveling up and down the California coast. It's big and filled with lots of huge RV's, but they have a pool, a laundry, and a good Mexican restaurant down the road. They also have a big grassy field for Sparky to run about, and new jungle gym area for kids. 
Our Car Clothesline.
Flying Flags has also added a lot of new trailer cabins, which were packed with families playing soccer, bar-b-queing, and basically just enjoying life. Sparky enjoyed "buzzing" them and catching after their ball.
 Kids hit jungle gym during parents cocktail hour.
Spark in between laps. 
Flying Flags is thriving is year, RV spaces, cabins, and tent sites were nearly filled mid-week. The coolest and newest part of Flying Flags is their addition of vintage Airstreams complete with fire-pits and wicker patio furniture lined up along the grassy field.
Each unit offers fluffy white towels and an inside cocktail bar.
My Fav.
Another fav, but I have no idea what brand trailer.

The next morning we were up early and on our way down 101. We left Tranquila stored at F.F. because we HATE driving through LA towing her. Actually, we just hate driving through LA period. Besides we were headed to stay on board El Tiburon. We have decided to sell El Tiburon in San Diego. At this stage of the game, we are ready for a trawler. We have loved cruising through Mexico, and vow to return, but before we do, we will do some gunk-holing in the Pacific Northwest Islands in a stinkpot. The plan is to take Tranquila up to Washington and the San Juans Islands for a clamping trip, as well as, shop for a new boat.

 Our girl, El Tib, a Tayana 47. She can be yours.
Sailboats are our first love. We took some time to check out 
the old gals at the San Diego Wooden Boat Show on Shelter Island.
Be Still My Heart.


One of the Great things about living in the Sierra is you don't have to go anywhere for fun. Sometimes we only travel a few miles in Tranquila to enjoy peace, serenity, and good times.
Kids Fishing Derby
Every spring they drain the pond for a couple of months to clean it out, and then in May it fills with fresh icy cold snow run off and then its stocked with trout. The first of June is the annual kids Fishing Derby. It's a blast to watch kids from 2 to 16 come and fish. Mom and Dad and the Grandparents all gather around and help out.
Dad helping out, boys are less than enthusiastic.
Maybe next year's derby.
The sister and brother team did well.
Enough of the stay cation, time to hit the road.

Darrell's daughter came up for nearly a month to visit us and to explore our valley with its many lakes and many streams. We had a good time hiking, kayaking, and fishing.
 Hana stopped to feed the horses.
Spark flies up the trail to a lake.
After a little hike D jumped in the the lake for a cool swim.
A very convenient BIG Chair…reminds me of the old Lily Tomlin skit.
Best Buddies.
Spark and I love our local lakes, 
but we are getting itchy feet for a trip to the coast.