Saturday, May 25, 2013

Back On The Road Again

It felt great to get Tranquila back on the road again.
Buck's Lake

Our swim was very brief, after all, it is still May. 
A couple of days later we had snow on our back deck!

The 17 mile drive out of Quincy wound through a wide valley of peaceful pastures dotted with yellow spring flowers.  Images of horse and cattle ranches, a small white clapboard school house, and a child playing on a swing hanging from a pine tree evoked distant memories of the fifties. A feeling of "life is good" and a sense that world is a safe place came as necessary respite after watching the early morning news on television. Living in a small hamlet is a gift, and one we dreamed of for years. A dream come true, for which we are thankful everyday.

Ahhhh, Spring.
Lazy Days for Lamas and Longhorns.
Longhorn Scottish Hairy Cow - Wow!

As we climbed higher in elevation towards Buck's Lake we passed hillsides covered with Mountain Dogwood. Breathtaking. All this, and trout too, 42 miles from our front door.
Mountain Dogwood
One more reason we will return...
More Fun Awaits at Campsite #3
And more Y U M !
And beach sunsets with deer friends.
Oh Yeah, we'll be back.