Friday, April 25, 2014


  Ah, S P R I N G ! Nothing like it. 
This spot was too warm for Sparky.

To celebrate Easter and to enjoy springtime, we got Tranquila out of storage, washed her down inside and out, and took off 7 miles from our front door. A perfect location to take a short hike, read, listen to the babbling stream, lounge around soaking up the scenery, and BBQ a big fat tri-tip for lunch. It was sunny and warm, too sunny and warm for Sparky to enjoy. After running after the tennis ball a few times all he could do was lay in the sun and pant. No Big Deal. Down the hill 5 miles so Spark could swim to catch the ball, and we could continue with our idea of a a lazy Sunday afternoon.

As they say in Mexico, the spot was "the same, but different",
and a much better pick for Sparky.

We love Tranquila's solar panels.
While we are talking about warm sun, I have to give a plug for Darrell's new solar and wind turbine business, 
"Erickson Energy Management".  
When we ordered Tranquila from Airstream, we had solar panels factory installed. This summer we will be adding a telescoping wind turbine to increase our ability to stay "unhooked" at National Forests or when boondocking off the grid.  Aboard our sailboat, El Tiburon, in Mexico we enjoy making clean energy using solar panels and our wind generator. We can keep quite anchorages quiet without the need to run a noisy and $$$ diesel genset. Even when plugged into a slip at a dock, our solar and wind generator cuts our electric bills at the marina. So, why not do the same with our Airstream? The house too!
El Tiburon docked in Sausalito, 
with solar panels and wind generator quietly working.