Sunday, September 15, 2013

Airstreams to Antelope Lake

Antelope Lake

The approach to Antelope was promising despite the enormous evidence of scorched land charred from two forest fires, one four years before and the other nearly a decade. We were stunned at how long it takes a forest to rejuvenate after being ravaged by fire. 

Charred forest to the left.
Charred forest to the right.
 Airstreams tucked into the trees.

All settled in, with plenty of space and an aft view of the lake...minus a few feet of water. Turns out that the lake is drained about 5 to 6 feet after Memorial Day. The good news was that on a Thursday after Labor Day not many folks are out there, with the kids back at school it was mostly us Old Farts. 

Our friend's Stream in the background, in the foreground, 
curious Sparky tries to identify past visitors.
A short attention span sends Sparky next door in search of his friend Ginger.
Can Ginger come out and play?

It didn't take the boys long to get the kayaks out on the water in pursuit of trout. Our friend, Richard, is a catch-and-release-kind-of-fly-fisherman, while Darrell brings home his catch for Spark and me. Brown trout smoked to perfection is pretty darn tasty.

Our orange kayak is pretty easy to spot.
The green grass is usually under water. Not sure where the water goes, but surrounding cattle and horse farmlands were looking pretty fertile.

Hard and honest work looks pretty appealing.

Extremely appealing.........could there by a horse in my future?

Oh Baby, Oh Baby.
Can transportation get any better?

Or can life get any better? 
Simple. Good. Clean. Swinging on a tire.

Hints of Fall.

Time to Winterize Our Girl.