Sunday, May 8, 2016


I LOVED this trailer!
We sold our 2012 Airstream, International 25, a couple of summers ago. Sadly, she was not being used enough because we are were always sailing, but we missed clamping occasionally, so we downsized to the adorable 2016 Shasta 16 Reissue. We named her "Buttercup". She was an eye- turner. Then our family expanded - a bouncing baby boy. Nothing better than having our first grandson. Of course, we will teach him to appreciate nature, to love camping, and to sail the seas. So, we sold our tiny trailer and moved up to a 2016 White Water Retro 195. Guess we just love the old-fashion trailers made new.
I loved the Shasta too, for one year.
 Buttercup at the lake.
The new Tranquil, easier to tow and maintain.
Our new Retro is just the right size for our family to visit Hat Creek.
 Jack learned about frogs.
Hana and Spark played fetch. 
Obviously, we enjoyed ourselves too.
Fifteen minutes from our house.
An hour from our front door.
In October, we are heading to Washington in the trailer to scout out marinas for our trip to the Pacific Northwest in Scrimshaw this spring. We are excited to get the trailer out on the open road and into some RV campgrounds sine crazy tourist season is over. We may face a bit of rain, but after all the San Diego sunshine we've had lately, cloudy skies and a few misty breezes seem like a welcome relief. The dang sun seems so intense these days.