Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 
We'll be back to Tranquila the first of the New Year.
Until then, Enjoy the Holidays!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Counting Our Blessings

Giving Thanks at Judy's in Cayucos, California
Old friends, witty conversation, delicious food, and plenty of California sunshine.

The Perfect Thanksgiving Sunset.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


A bit anxiety provoking, but no problema in reality.  

We usually sail under THE GATE in dense fog amidst blaring horns, but his time, going over THE GATE was a different kind of Glorious entry to our City-By-The-Bay. The Crossing, with Tranquila in tow, wasn't as intimidating as we had imagined, especially early on a Sunday morn. We had heard the toll cost had increased, so we were ready for the $6.00 fee. YIKES, it turns out we paid $6.00 per axel. $24.00. So worth it! Especially on her 75 birthday! 


I left my heart in San Francisco 
High on a hill, it calls to me. 
To be where little cable cars 
Climb halfway to the stars! 
The morning fog may chill the air I don't care! 
My love waits there in San Francisco 
Above the blue and windy sea 
When I come home to you, San Francisco, 
Your golden sun will shine for me!

Tony Bennett  Words By Douglass Cross and Music by George Cory 1954

We stayed in San Francisco long enough to visit the "Palace of Flying Arts" (that's what Hana used to call it), enjoy an Italian dinner with my family in North Beach, and watch an America's Cup match race from the Marina Green.

The Palace of Fine Arts
America's Cup

Then it was time to continue our journey south.
Our familiar backyard, Half Moon Bay.
 Another familiar backyard, The Rock from the Morro Bay Yacht Club.
We had a way too short visit with Hana, and enjoyed hanging out with old friends 
Judy and Reg for an evening.
Spark had a play date with a little Vizsla girl he met at the 
Wine Country RV Resort in Paso Robles.
An Anvil Cloud lurks ahead of us as we drive past Santa Ynez

Next, we moseyed on down the way to Santa Barbara for an annual birthday celebration with my Virgo Twin Connie and her husband Chris. The next night we BBQ-ed an Arrachera with boating buddies, Nick and Jessica, at El Capitan. Then it was time to hit Flying Flags RV Park in Buellton and button up Tranquila for a couple of months while we return to our sailing lives aboard El Tiburon. 

Much to our surprise and joy, we arrived at Flying Flags RV Park in the middle of a Vintage Airstream Jamboree. Very fun for us to see so many beautiful old gals all dolled up, with their owners all enjoying cocktails and sharing stories under colorful awnings  with pink flamingos standing watch.
PInk Flamingos seem to be standard equipment on vintage airstreams.
 It was very hard to leave our girl all alone between 2 big rigs.
Nighty Nighty Tranquila, Sleep Tight.

As difficult as it was to leave Tranquila behind, we are really excited to 
return to El Tib and Mexico. 
 Adobado (Spicy Pork) Tacos is only one reason we are missing Mexico.

We are not only excited about getting El Tib back out to sea, but look forward to exploring nooks and grannies in Ensenada, as well as heading out to indulge in a bit of wine tasting in Ruta del Vina, Valle del Guadalupe.

 First stop, 10 miles outside of Ensenada, Vinas de Garza.
Watch out Napa Sonoma, this rustic elegant winery knocked our socks off.

Homeward Bound

A Grand way to celebrate our Homecoming to San Francisco Bay Area
Our favorite spot in Tomales Bay to stop for Oysters.
Tamales Bay Oyster Company Shack
 Ah Shucks.....at Samuel Taylor Campground in Olema.
Only a dozen more left to shuck.
Fruits de Mer
We love Tomales Bay. We love the oysters, we love the hiking, we love the Cowgirl Creamery, and we love the camping. We also loved meeting up with old Rio Americano High School friends, and we loved visiting our Mexico sailing friends from Salt Shaker at Camp Run Amuck. 

It was the P E R F E C T re-entry back to our City-By-The-Bay, 
where we left our hearts over 2 years ago.
A new friend we met along our Tomales hike.

 We took a day trip (what a drive!) 
to Sea Ranch for a long walk and de-lish lunch.
 Sea Ranch on a clear day looking north.
And it appears Spark enjoyed making a new "friend" at Sea Ranch.

Another day we drove to Sausalito to walk some of our favorites docks in the world, 
where we acknowledged our True Natures as Gypsy Sailors.
Spark LOVES Sausalito too!

Then off to Molly Stone's for some camping supplies.
A Foodie's Paradise.
Back at Camp
Molly Stone's Crab Cakes served with Cowgirl Creamery Barrata, Roasted Tomatoes and a crisp and zesty Sauvignon Blanc.
A great way to celebrate our homecoming.

What's not to LOVE about coming home to San Francisco Bay Area?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Sierra Buttes

Lower Sardine Lake with the Sierra Buttes in the background.
Looking back towards Lower Sardine Lake as we hike upward toward Upper Sardine Lake.
Getting ready to take the plunge!
Plunge taken. Happy to be wet again.
Shear Happiness. 
Just how clear is the water at Sardine Lake? The clearest!
Can you see the Lookout Tower at an elevation of 8,591 feet?
It's only a matter of time until this guy is on the Pacific Crest Trail leading to the Buttes.
We tried just a little sample of the PCT this year.
Grand Vistas, Clear Blue Skies, Queen Anne's Lace Wildflowers, and Towering Pines.
And Lots and Lots of Green.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Life on a (Mc)Cloud

All Aboard? Not so fast, this historical train is "dry-docked" and begging to be refurbished. 
Every spot in town competes for the shutter bug's attention

Shasta hike
 McCloud, originally a company owned mill town, is reinventing itself as one of the Best Places to live in America. The old mill houses are being gobbled up, remodeled, painted bright colors with drop dead gorgeous flower gardens to match. The best part is that they are just a short walking distance to town. Art galleries, diners, and country inns are revitalizing the town of 1,200 residents. Situated at the base of Mt Shasta in Siskiyou County, and surrounded by rugged mountains, cinder cones, lakes, reservoirs, and waterfalls spilling into the trout laden McCould River, this heavenly (literally) spot captured our hearts. In fact, we were so content to hike, fish, and swim everyday we never got any further towards our San Juan Islands destination!

Lake Siskiyou
Lake McCloud
Spark retrieving
Unbelievably clear, clean, & cold
One of 3 waterfalls at Fowler's Campground
A refreshing reward for hot sweaty hikers, like me & the Spark 
Birthday Boy needed a boat fix
The Charming McCloud Hotel

We celebrated Darrell’s 62nd birthday here. Missing boating, we rented a pantoon boat on Lake Siskiyou for the day and then had a delish home-cooked dinner on the terrace at the McCloud Hotel. They serve the BEST-Freshest heirloom tomato salad, and the owner makes all the breads and desserts herself. Addictive. The same weekend the town had it’s annual 3-day Logging Festival complete with a parade consisting of a fire truck, a police car, 2 snowmobiles, and of course a tractor or two. Everyone lined the street to cheer and clap, and then headed over to the log-rolling contest.

The MOUNTAIN looms from every direction,
 reminding one of just how small we are in the Grand Scheme of Things! 
Humbling and Humanizing.
The Brown Dog Gallery - Great local art!
One of several local churches - all picturesque.

It's the water.

The local water is so darn good that Darrell could not go past the constantly running drinking fountain without stopping. The clearest, cleanest water we have ever enjoyed was also good for Traquila, who sparkled spot-free after her bath. See how she glitter and gleams below in our glamping spot at Country Dance RV Resort! Country Dance Resort was FUN for all of us. It had horses, wild sweet peas, a stream for Spark to swim, nice neighbors with friendly dogs, and plenty of much needed shade.

Tranquila Sparkles & Shines, Glitter & Gleams, after a bath with McCloud water.
 Lots of picturesque barns around Mt Shasta
 A Palomino neighbor at Country Dance RV
 These were neighbors, but we grilled 'em and then ate 'em.
A local Cinder Cone 
Tranquila is nestled in the shade at Fowler's, one of Spark's most favorite campsites.
Ours too. 
Dry Camping is the BEST. Just like anchoring.
Our bedroom faced the McCloud River.
 Muy Tranquila.