Monday, July 14, 2014


Water's great! This camp site comes with its own pool!

Perched on the Truckee River with a good swimming hole, we had black beans with steak tacos for dinner, and a Jesse Stone DVD before falling asleep.  All's Tranquil in Tranqulia. At 9 this morning we are drinking our coffee, charging computers and cell phones, and listening to birds being drowned out by buzzing gensets. No Genset here. Why? 

Our solar panels were factory installed when we order Tranquila.

After two years of using solar to power our batteries on Tranquila, we have become firm believers in solar panels - on our sailboat, our Airstream, and installation on our home is pending. In fact, we are such advocates, Darrell, has started a solar and wind power company. Erickson Energy Management is based out of the Northern Sierra. He is also in partnership with E-Marine located in Florida to provide RV and Marine solar and wind systems.
Tucked into our annual primo spot on the Truckee River.
A bit closer look at our shameless advertising.
Renewable Energy Products for Campers,
RV's, Boats, & Residential,

It's not all work and no play.
Darrell and Spark take a break to watch the river run.

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  1. Amazing. Solar is a step to a brighter future, and I'm glad you joined up the cause. I'm sure you already know the benefits, hence trying it out on your own house. And I hope the trees don't cause trouble, as they could block the sun's rays. Keep an eye on those and you're good. Thanks for sharing!

    Deanna Walsh @ Solar Concierge