Sunday, October 9, 2016


Fall in the Sierra is beautiful, but winter is approaching. The trailer has been winterized and stored in a nearby barn until next spring. In the meantime, it's time for us to migrate south to warmer weather. And, to warmer waters.
Farewell to our City By The Bay.
Scrimshaw left her San Francisco Bay slip in the early hours to catch the ebb tide under The Gate. We will spend time visiting friends in Morro Bay, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Diego before crossing the border to Marina Coral In Ensenada. It is one of our favorite places to spend time. The food, the peso to the dollar, the people, the resort pools, and the VIBE, are all good. There are no plans for Scrimshaw to return north, it's too darn cold for us.

Sunday, May 8, 2016


I LOVED this trailer!
We sold our 2012 Airstream, International 25, a couple of summers ago. Sadly, she was not being used enough because we are were always sailing, but we missed clamping occasionally, so we downsized to the adorable 2016 Shasta 16 Reissue. We named her "Buttercup". She was an eye- turner. Then our family expanded - a bouncing baby boy. Nothing better than having our first grandson. Of course, we will teach him to appreciate nature, to love camping, and to sail the seas. So, we sold our tiny trailer and moved up to a 2016 White Water Retro 195. We named her El Corralito, the Playpen.
Guess we just love the old-fashion trailers made new.
I loved the Shasta too, for one year.
 Buttercup at the lake.
Our new Retro is just the right size.
 Jack learned about frogs.
Hana and Spark played fetch. 
Obviously, we enjoyed ourselves too.

Friday, September 12, 2014


We loved Tranquila, our 2012 International Serenity Airstream. 
The Airstream Life in Morro Bay, CA
Our first night in Tranquila at Wine Country RV Resort

Sadly, we have have decided to sell Tranquila to focus more on our remodel, as well as, our sailing lifestyle. Tranquila has all the goodies; Three Striped Awnings, A Queen Bed with Memory Foam in the Rear for Optimal Privacy and Views, 2 Flat Screen TV's, Stereo, Air-conditioning and Heat, 2 factory Installed Solar Panels (gotta have), a separate shower used 2 times, and lots more.
Living/Dining Area
More Galley
Bath with natural Lighting
Separate Shower used twice
 Best Spot in the Trailer
Comfy, Private, Bedroom with Privacy View.
 2002 Ford Expedition Tow Vehicle - could be for sale
Airstream Life is Grand.
Tranquila sold to a fun loving couple from Santa Cruz 
and she will be happily spending her summers in Montana.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Still majestic, but with rapid melting of her glaciers she looks stark and bare.
Naked Mt Shasta, a startling reality of California's drought.
Mt Shasta, McCloud August 2014
Mt Shasta, McCloud August 2012
 Snow or no snow, she's a beauty.
Fowler's Falls
We got a cozy spot at Fowler's, but the afternoon sun was really hot. Good for the solar, but not for us. Moved to a nice shady spot…too close to the latrines. Space number 3, was the charm. Shady and private. At 6pm some guy fired up his chainsaw and started craving up trees for firewood. I went and talked to him, but there was no talking to him. Creeped me out. Next morning at 7am he was at it again. Camphost had little impact, so we pulled up stakes and moved to Dance Country across from downtown McCloud. We LOVE McCloud. A perfect little place.
Dance Country, McCloud. 1950 or 2014?
The day before Labor Day, all was quiet and peaceful. 
We left early the next day to beat the crowds.
McCloud Cuteness.
McCloud was a lumber town, it has wonderful old houses that are being renovated, colorful flowers grow everywhere, folks are friendly, and several wonderful Inns. The drinking water that comes from Shasta is The Best!  There is just something special about the place that pulls you in and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. At least it does for me, and Darrell too. Unfortunately, everyone is very concerned about the effects of the drought. Lake Siskiyou, our favorite swimming place, is way down. McCloud Reservoir very low. Lake Shasta is tragic. 

Lake Siskiyou "beach" with Shasta in the background. 
Two years ago we rented a boat here for Darrell's birthday. 
This year some parts of the lake are nothing more than mud flats.
I could not bring myself to photograph anymore of the surrounding lakes.
 McCloud town center
Clever lumberjack sculpture
Carved lumberjack at the local museum.

No trip to McCloud is complete for us without the 12 mile trip Shasta City for tacos.
Poncho & Lefkowitz, what a great stop.
 Spark didn't even get crumbs.
By the looks of the license plates - including Baja - 
we are the only ones that travel for hours to get here. 
Of course, it's a local favorite as well.

We'll be back!
If you want to see more pictures of the Shasta area, including more water, 
you can click back to 2012 postings.

Monday, September 1, 2014


Seeing double on the west side of Lake Almanor.

It was about time that we ventured beyond our backyard. It had been 2 years since we had spent time up near Shasta and decided to head north. The last time we stayed at Lake Almanor en route north, we had a cramped site in a marina on the busier east side. This time, we pulled in and hooked-up and paid our $11.00 for a night before we realized that just around the corner was dry-camping with much more privacy. That would have been our preference. Next time. About 30 minutes after settling in another International Airstream (28') pulled up next to us. A couple from SoCal who spends each summer up here.
 I thought Darrell would love clamping at a marina….WRONG!
Space #15! No Joke!

After that, Almanor was not big on our list, but this time we changed our minds and look forward to the next time we take the 50 mile trip up Highway 89. Since it is so close to us, we decided to keep moving towards Shasta. We took the long way, up 8,500 feet, to the observatory site at Mt Lassen National Park. The park is huge and we left a lot of it for a later return, but WOW! what we did see was amazing. The magnitude of the Park's breathtaking raw beauty was impossible for me to capture in my photographs, but here are my futile attempts.
Me and Spark, and the Big Egg perched precariously on a high cliff. Tiny specs are we.
Mt Lassen
The scenery was incredibly varied; lots of switchbacks, volcanic peaks, green and yellow vegetation, blue lupine, blue sky,water falls and streams, craggy peaks, all splendid. You gotta GO! The National Park System has done an remarkable job of creating well thought out pullouts, viewing areas, hiking areas, educational information, and tent camping. However, the RV camping around the lower lakes was a bit too dense for us.
Each view is staggering.
Mt Lassen at lower levels has lots of streams from snow runoff.
Fall was in the air, clear skies, cooler temps, and an abundance of fall colors.
GPS Station, the cell reception was exceptional at the lookout.
Happy Travelers.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A SLICE OF HEAVEN - Independence Lake

 Independence Lake, near Jackson Meadows.
Lots of possibilities for dinner.
So, bring your poles.
We stay at East Meadows Campground right on the lake at Jackson Meadows, 17 miles off Highway 89. It's also 20 minutes from Truckee, with offers lots of fun too. We get the same site on the lake with a beautiful view every time we go, but this year the walk to the lake is further because the lake level is WAY down. One reason the level is down, other than California's drought, is that water from the lake is let out to go to Milton Pond to help preserve a specific type of trout. Sorry, I do not know which trout. Vanishing glaciers in California have severe consequences for our trout population. Milton Pond is filled with fly fisherman and lots of ducks and birds. We always go for a kayak ride here, it is peaceful, serene, still, and filled with aquatic wildlife.
Serenity at Milton Pond.

Monday, July 14, 2014


Water's great! This camp site comes with its own pool!

Perched on the Truckee River with a good swimming hole, we had black beans with steak tacos for dinner, and a Jesse Stone DVD before falling asleep.  All's Tranquil in Tranqulia. At 9 this morning we are drinking our coffee, charging computers and cell phones, and listening to birds being drowned out by buzzing gensets. No Genset here. Why? 

Our solar panels were factory installed when we order Tranquila.

After two years of using solar to power our batteries on Tranquila, we have become firm believers in solar panels - on our sailboat, our Airstream, and installation on our home is pending. In fact, we are such advocates, Darrell, has started a solar and wind power company. Erickson Energy Management is based out of the Northern Sierra. He is also in partnership with E-Marine located in Florida to provide RV and Marine solar and wind systems.
Tucked into our annual primo spot on the Truckee River.
A bit closer look at our shameless advertising.
Renewable Energy Products for Campers,
RV's, Boats, & Residential,

It's not all work and no play.
Darrell and Spark take a break to watch the river run.