Tuesday, June 18, 2013


After a week of house renos we needed a time out. Thankfully, 47 miles southwest we found a little slice of paradise.
"Hey, wait a minute! Didn't you forget someone? Moi? I won't scare the fish I promise"!

Faithfully waiting.
"Where's the fish"? I know, they call it fishing, not catching".
Guess it's Burgers Tonight!

So nice to get Tranquila back out on the road.
The view from our campsite.


  1. I'm the poster above. Apologies for "blurting" out the question. I was searching for campgrounds in the Mccloud area and found your blog. Really impressed with your pictures and of the places you camped. This particular spot is 47 miles SW of your home. Can you tell me where this is?

    Even recognized some names of places from your baja travels too. I spent almost a week sleeping on the beach at San Evaristo on a spearfishing trip years ago.


  2. Sounds like you are a good traveler and have visited some of my favorite spots. The above picture is Buck's lake. Enjoy!

  3. Thank you. Do you have recommendations for other campgrounds? We are a young family with two fishergirls ages 6 and 8 and a lab. We were looking at Fowlers but heard that it's quite popular and there is a risk of it being full. We will be camping in a 25' trailer.

  4. You can stay at "Dance Country" - we stayed there a lot and drove daily only a few miles to Fowlers and to Lake McCloud (a reservoir) and Lake Siskiyou. There is also a very kids oriented campground there. Do you have the "Allstays" camping and RV app? It's very helpful. Another great family spot is Hatcreek Hereford Ranch with a trout stocked pond- it's on the blog. A really great spot for kids. Also Burney Falls has a nearby campground with lots of fishing and kids!