Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Cattle Whisperer of Hat Creek

Our afternoon swimming pond at Hat Creek
Darrell contemplates life, and Spark wonders when is mealtime?
There were so many things we liked about Hat Creek Hereford Ranch RV Resort - the peaceful setting, well-manicured grounds, a great swimming hole, nice folks, fantastc views, and friendly cows! Never thought I’d be hanging out with a bunch of cattle and loving it - and I especially never thought Darrell would bond so quickly with herefords, but it happened right here at Hat Creek. Maybe it was our recent decision to seriously limit our red meat intake.

Peaceful surroundings and quiet neighbors
Darrell makes a couple of new friends, while Spark curiously watches 
Within no time Darrell had a new calling, CATTLE WHISPERER

Who could resist their Doe Eyes, and how could they resist Darrell's Charm?

Our favorite Hereford.

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