Friday, July 6, 2012


Our trips to the Homewood-Tahoma area of West Lake Tahoe ALWAYS include a planned stop at Ikeda’s Country Market in Auburn. Famous for home-baked pies, fantastically juicy-ripe fruits and garden fresh vegetables, a variety of salsas and dressings to sample, and more recently Pacific Line Caught King Salmon. Family Christmastime at the Lake always included Ikeda’s homemade tamales finished up with pumpkin or mince meat pies. Summer vacations mean a round of cheeseburgers before tucking tomatoes, white corn, and a couple of ollalieberry pies safely in a saved space in the trunk of the car. Today was no exception....except for the burgers; 3 month slaves to a committed red-meat-free diet left us salivating, but self-righteous. Those "Pink Slime" reports really creeped me out!

Looks Much Better Than a Burger, Right?

When BBQ'ed Under Gigantic Pines in the Forest, Always Better than a Burger.

So Many to Choose From....Oh My! The Real Reason Ikeda's is so Popular!

This time our trip to Ikeda’s was a bit more tricky, we had to get there early enough to beat the hordes of families en route to their annual pilgrimage to the Lake to celebrate the Fourth of July, in order to find space to park our rig. Our early arrival paid off, we took up 5 parking spaces, sampled every salsa, got all our goodies in record time, and made it out just as the crowds descended upon their favorite stopover. Too damn early in the morning to eat a fat-old-greasy-cheeseburger-in-paradise anyway. I might add that the salmon I marinated in teriyaki all day beat any burger anywhere, anytime.

 I vow not to wait so long between our Tahoe treks so we can visit Ikeda’s more often.   
      And next time, I am going to buy two pies :-)

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