Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And We've Off.....

Our Maiden Voyage to Morro Bay State Park
This place is peaceful, has a lot of hiking, and the Morro Bay Yacht Club is nearby.  
So are we returning later this month on our way north.
My Boys Enjoying Big Sur.
Our backyard opened to a big meadow with lots of sun in the afternoons.
It doesn't get much better than Big Sur. We'll be back here too.
Sparky and his new V-friend were very thirsty after playing in the meadow.

Tranquila flying her colors for Cinco de Mayo at Pismo Beach State Park.
Sailing buddy Pat and Darrell drank tequila to commemorate the event.
We were lucky to get a private spot, again, with a backyard that opened to a big meadow with great walks over the dunes and down the beach.
The state park allows vehicles on the beach, but dogs must be leashed.
This rule makes NO sense at all to us.
The natural beauty of this place makes it a "must return" for us, unfortunately we have to drive over to Avila Beach to run Spark. While we are there we will be sure to buy some more fresh fish on the Avila pier to grill.  Y U M.  So maybe it's a win-win after all.

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